Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) has been established as a longitudinal assessment by the IEA to facilitate comparison of student achievement in mathematics and science internationally and to assist in designing education policy. Darkharp Designs was asked to assist the National Center for Education Statistics (Department of Education) through a contracting arrangement with NucoreVision, in managing and collaborating on interactive assessment items for future assessments. This effort brought together item designers from Boston College, international expert contributors and item developers to create prototypes designed to demonstrate mathematical reasoning and science concepts. Darkharp acted as project manageer and participated in technical item development.

  • Department of Education Seal

Project Details

  • Client: National Center for
    Education Statistics
    Department of Education
  • Date: 2015
  • Contract: Subcontract through NucoreVision, Inc.

Project Story

Items were developed conceptually through interaction with education subject matter experts, storyboarded and wireframed using scripts and cartoons, moved to static prototyping in pdf format, and then programmed as fully interactive experiences using HTML5, Flash, and AnimePro. The items were provided for feedback with the SME group and were tested with a small number of age appropriate users.